Worksite Wellness – 8 Healthy Eating Strategies For The Next Office Party

Where did you hear that? Although aerobic exercise burns more fat, the benefits end shortly after you stop. But strength training helps build muscle, and muscle cells are up to eight times more metabolically active than fat cells. This means muscle burns more kilo-joules than fat – even when you’re sitting still. Because muscle is heavier than fat, building muscle may initially make you gain some weight, but it’ll also burn more fat and streamline your shape in the long term.

Then you’ve got your vegetarian bunch: a random smattering of eggs-but-no chicken, milk-but-no-beef, fish-but-no-other-meat-with-a-face (as if fish don’t have faces!); fish-AND-chicken-but-no-other-meat-with-a-face. I do wish they’d MAKE UP THEIR Minds!

Go easy on the sugar. Sure, you get a little boost right after eating a candy bar or drinking a soda, but then you crash as insulin is produced in your body. Also avoid the heavy deserts like cake and ice cream after dinner. A better choice would be fruit or a handful of nuts instead.

Birthday parties today are another way to let kids explore their creative side. A craft party is fun to do and can be held at a local pottery or craft store, such as Michael’s. Booking a party at a craft store is a great way for kids to be messy and you don’t have to clean up the mess! This type of party is easily done at home as well. You supply the activity and supplies – the kids bring their imagination.

Traditional party favors can also be included in these crackers. Noisemakers are a good choice, as are folded party hats. You can even include untied balloons.

Face painting is simple and is fun. A little bit of practice is needed and anybody can do it. Certain things which are required for doing the painting on the face are easily available in the market. Stencils and stamps, among other things, are available easily and are quite easy to use. Kids just love these things and can become very good face painters with only a little assistance from you in the beginning.

I think the quickest way to get sick or die from the innocent food you eat is to believe IT Will make YOU SICK OR Dead! It’s media’s job, in an Orwellian world, to keep its citizens in a state of panic; panic sells. It also controls. We pay attention to panic. And what better, elemental place to strike than on your dinner plate? It makes as much sense as the vaccine/autism b.s.

If throwing an actual party isn’t your speed, there are still plenty of things you can do to celebrate your new brand and to make sure you’re not launching in stealth mode.