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Try this one: In Word-of-Mouth Marketing, (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. New York) author Jerry Wilson tells of how he sent out hundreds of requests for person-to-person business experiences for his book. He requested both positive and negative stories.

Get social support. If you have stressful issues to deal with in your life make sure you have support with friends or a group where you can talk about your feelings.

Let your little Princesses have a tea party. You can decorate with balloons or even using necklaces to drape and bracelets hanging. I would even use a tiara as a centerpiece.

Control your cravings. If you are craving a specific food you are probably not eating because of hunger. Instead of asking yourself, “What am I hungry for?”, it is better to ask, “What do i need?” You may need a relaxing bath or time out for yourself.

When the guests are leaving your child could hand out the favor box. And they should thank each guest again for their gift and for attending their party.

A lot of the information that’s available out there doesn’t help either. Some diet programs tell you to cut back on fat and eat more fruits and vegetables. Others tell you to eat all the meat and bacon you want, as long as you stay away from most fruits and vegetables. I suspect that somewhere out there, someone has written a book describing the virtues of cake and ice cream as diet foods. So how do you know which foods to keep and which to eliminate?

Today’s parents are more health conscious and its showing. They are planning their kid’s activities with the environment and their kid’s health in mind. Yoga birthday parties have kids stretching, meditating and reaching their inner being. It’s a great way for moms and kids to spend time together.

Children of course look forward to gifts at their own party, but if you think your child can handle what you going to suggest by way of presents, then explain to her what you are going to do. Ask the child if he or she feel comfortable about ‘sharing’ the gift with unfortunate people. It is difficult to suggest to the child to give all the presents away, so the idea is to ‘share’ with others. You would include on the invite your child’s intention to share, so request a gift that costs only half the amount that was initially decided by the parent who is giving the gift but he has to buy a matching gift for charity. Insist that parents only spend the amount of money on the two gifts as they would have spend on one. That way no parent feels compelled to spend more than they feel comfortable with.