A Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party

As soon as you take a drink order, sell an appetizer. Many servers completely skip this opportunity to boost sales. Do not just ask if they would like an appetizer. Offer one or two choices and describe them briefly but lusciously. Try something along the lines of, “Would you like to start out with our caprese salad? It has fresh garden tomatoes and house-made mozzarella cheese drizzled with balsamic vinegar and topped with fresh basil. It’s fantastic!” This creates an image of the dish in the guest’s mind and also makes them think about an appetizer. They may not choose what you suggest, but it opens the door for them to ask for something else.

Face painting is simple and is fun. A little bit of practice is needed and anybody can do it. Certain things which are required for doing the painting on the face are easily available in the market. Stencils and stamps, among other things, are available easily and are quite easy to use. Kids just love these things and can become very good face painters with only a little assistance from you in the beginning.

When the children have arrived, instead of your child opening his gift, ask him to open the one meant for charity. Then as a host, talk about what each child has brought for charity and asked why they picked that gift. Also discuss whom the gift would benefit most. Then as a group, maybe you can arrange for them to visit the home or center together to donate the gifts. In this way children will learn about places to donate gifts and how the process worked. Later back at the house, you can start the party with cake and ice cream.

Then, there’s the design process itself–working with a designer, looking at rounds and rounds of sketches to finalize the logo, and deciding on a Visual Vocabulary with the spark and subtlety to communicate your story.

Then you’ve got your vegetarian bunch: a random smattering of eggs-but-no chicken, milk-but-no-beef, fish-but-no-other-meat-with-a-face (as if fish don’t have faces!); fish-AND-chicken-but-no-other-meat-with-a-face. I do wish they’d MAKE UP THEIR Minds!

Remind your child what a gift means and represents. Someone took their time to find a gift they thought was special and that you would like. So, if you have the same toy or you hate the gift, just say thank you. You don’t want to hunt your friends feelings by saying anything else.

This was a beautiful, selfless act of kindness that represents a gift that cannot be bought. When we do something for someone else, out of the pure desire of our heart, that creates a magic moment for them that cannot be purchased with money. And, it also has an amazing power, if we’re depressed, to get us out of our own doldrums.