Safety Planning for A Birthday Pool Party

This begs the question: How do I rate the foods I eat? How do I know which to cut out and which to keep? I’m sure you know some general rules already. You probably know that fried chicken is less healthy than plain chicken. You probably know that fruit is a better desert than ice cream. But beyond generalities like that, most people don’t have a clue.

Not so. Although it’s a good idea to work out three to five times a week at moderate intensity to increase cardiovascular fitness and burn fat, all physical activity is good. Any amount of movement you do will increase the number of kilojoules you burn and, ultimately, contribute to fat loss. So, mow the lawn, clean out the garage, take the dog for a walk – just get moving.

Sorry. Exercising alone won’t burn enough kilojoules to make you lose weight if you’ve constantly got your snout in the trough. Wolf down a double cheeseburger and chips (5100kJ) and you’ll have to walk briskly for four hours to burn them off. Four hours. Unless you cut back on kilojoules as well, there’s not enough time in your day to lose weight through exercise alone, so any extra weight won’t be waving goodbye.

Children of course look forward to gifts at their own party, but if you think your child can handle what you going to suggest by way of presents, then explain to her what you are going to do. Ask the child if he or she feel comfortable about ‘sharing’ the gift with unfortunate people. It is difficult to suggest to the child to give all the presents away, so the idea is to ‘share’ with others. You would include on the invite your child’s intention to share, so request a gift that costs only half the amount that was initially decided by the parent who is giving the gift, but he must buy a matching gift for charity. Insist that parents only spend the amount of money on the two gifts as they would have spent on one. That way no parent feels compelled to spend more than they feel comfortable with.

When the children have arrived, instead of your child opening his gift, ask him to open the one meant for charity. Then as a host, talk about what each child has brought for charity and asked why they picked that gift. Also discuss whom the gift would benefit most. Then as a group, maybe you can arrange for them to visit the home or center together to donate the gifts. In this way children will learn about places to donate gifts and how the process worked. Later back at the house, you can start the party with cake and ice cream.

The assumption here is that fluid dilutes your digestive juices and enzymes, slowing digestion and packing on excess body fat. Wrong. In fact, drinking water with your meal improves your digestion and helps give you a full feeling. Obviously, too much kilojoule-laden booze can be fattening, but that’s true whether you drink it with your meal or not. Five beers mean 2 500kJ are going down the hatch, meal or no meal.

The beginning of the end for my food hysteria came when I investigated the face of my newborn son and realized that if I had MY way, he would never know the joy of an A&W root beer float. Why that treat, I have no idea? I had spent the previous 8 years on the food hysteria bandwagon. Then, in one moment of clarity, I said to hell with it. ALL!!

What’s more, not all starches are equal. High-GI (glycemic index) starches like white bread, chips and cakes give you a short burst of energy, whereas more desirable low-GI carbs like whole-grain rye bread, brown rice, baked beans and apples keep you full for longer, so you eat less.